By Jeffrey Gong

Welcome back to NeuroCredit, the easy-to-use, fun service that teaches us all how to become better citizens!

Today’s words of wisdom from our Great Leader: Sloth brings nothing but degeneration and death. Only through work do we truly live!

Please place your fingerprint on your phone to allow us to verify your identity.

One moment please…

User identified. Name: Zhao Donghai. Occupation: Ecological engineer.


The results of your latest voluntary Mental Check-in have been processed! Open report?


Your updated NeuroCredit score is 4975(-13 from last check-in on 4/8/2117).

Trait Scores:

Loyalty: 88(+8)

Industry: 98(-1)

Morality: 99(+1)

Honesty: 100(+0)


Patriotism: 88(-1)

Other Factors:

Friends: 1210(-20)

Finances: 1300(+0)

Daily Login Bonus: 1934(+1)

Your global ranking is 12398th.

Earn 15 more points to reach level 30! At level 30, you can earn:

2000 Patriot Cash

Priority Boarding on Mass Transit

1 free house upgrade

Go to: Advanced Breakdown? Advice? Compare with Friends? Or Quit?


1.Your industry score is suffering! Yesterday, you were only productive for 87% of your designated working hours. Try and work harder to bring up your industry score!

2.Your teamwork score is suffering! Yesterday, you refused to help your colleague Yuan Shibo with her work. Try to cooperate more with your fellow citizens!

3.Your patriotism score is suffering! You have recently made purchases from foreign companies. Show your love for the motherland by buying from local businesses!

4.Your friends score is suffering! In particular, your friend Zhang Liaoning’s NeuroCredit score(2342) is bringing down your own! Encourage him to bring his score up!

Go to: Synopsis? Advanced Breakdown? Compare with Friends? Or Quit?


Zhao Donghai sighed as he took off his NeuroCredit headset and placed it on his desk, a grimace on his Asiatic features.

He had hoped to reach Level 30 today. Zhao had even done his mind scan several hours earlier than he needed to in order to reach it. And he could have, too– if Zhang hadn’t dragged him down.

Damn Zhang! Zhao knew very well why the other man’s score was so low. He was always forgetting to get his mind scanned, and Zhang’s, as well as Zhao’s, scores were being penalized for it.

Disconnecting the headset from his smartphone, Zhao pocketed the smartphone and stood to leave. He would have to talk to Liaoning about this tomorrow.

Zhao stepped out of his office at the headquarters of the Greener Future Desert Reclamation Company, where he worked. He surveyed the scene; most of his co-workers had already left, it being late at night on a Saturday.

Someone had left on the television, which was tuned to a news channel. An advertisement was playing, with the voice of the cute NeuroCredit avatar advising, “Remember, our thoughts are just as important as our actions in shaping the future! Show your character and devotion to the motherland through daily NeuroCredit scans and redeem amazing prizes!”

Zhao turned off the television and went towards the exit. He saw, somewhat to his surprise, that the light in Zhang Liaoning’s office was on.

Walking over to Zhang’s office, he saw that the door was slightly ajar.

“Hey, Liaoning!” Zhao pushed the door open. Zhang, sitting at his desk, jumped and dropped something to the ground.

“Ah, Zhao! You startled me!” Zhang said, a little annoyed as he scrambled to pick up the small black box he had dropped.

Zhao frowned as he saw the box had been connected to Zhang’s smartphone with a thin wire. “What’s that?”

Zhang looked up quickly as he stashed the device into his pocket. “Nothing. What did you want me for?”

Zhao scowled. “Your NeuroCredit score. It’s falling, Liaoning, and you’re probably dragging the whole office down with you. Are you remembering to get your mind scanned every day?”

Zhang blinked several times. “Ah…. yes, yes, sorry about that. I’m handling it.”

“Are you sure?”

Zhang’s cheeks reddened. “I’m handling it.”

After several more moments, Zhao turned to leave. “Good to hear. See you tomorrow.”

He walked away without bothering to hear Zhang’s answer.

When he got home, he had to convince her wife throw away that foreign-made necklace he got her… That would score him points in patriotism for sure. A donation or two to the army probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Welcome back to NeuroCredit, the easy-to-use, fun service that teaches us all how to become better citizens!

Today’s words of wisdom from our Great Leader: There is no greater joy than relentless sacrifice for the betterment of the Motherland!

Please place your fingerprint on your phone to allow us to verify your identity.

One moment please…

User identified. Name: Zhao Donghai. Occupation: Ecological engineer.


Would you like to conduct a scan? Or review a past scan?

>Conduct a Scan

Please wait…


The scan has begun.

Please think of everything you can remember happening between your last scan and right now. Be thorough and detailed, and the process will be expedited.

Zhao thought hard. He had worked two hours overtime yesterday to get his industry score back up, the program had to be able to see that in his mind, right? He had studied the Leader’s speeches, bought from local businesses… And Zhang had even brought his NeuroCredit score up!

Thinking of Zhang, though, what was he doing with that strange box, anyway?

The scan has concluded.

Thank you for your participation in the NeuroCredit program! Only with our minds and hearts together can we build a better tomorrow!

The next morning, Zhao went to work in a very good mood. He had successfully earned Level 30 in the NeuroCredit program, and he made sure to thoroughly enjoy his new priority seat in the subway. Not only was he now Level 30, he was well on his way to Level 31, thanks to an unexpected but welcome massive boost to his Loyalty score.

Intending to congratulate Zhang on bringing his NeuroCredit score up, Zhao stopped by the other man’s office and looked inside, expecting to see his coworker already there. Zhang usually arrived earlier than Zhao, as he lived closer.

Instead, he saw that the office was empty– not only of Zhang, but of Zhang’s belongings. His computer, family photos, files– everything had been cleared out.

“I never would’ve guessed.”

Zhao turned to see his boss, standing with a look of disgust.

“What happened to Liaoning?” Zhao asked.

Zhao’s boss shook her head. “The police arrested him this morning. Apparently he had hacked up his NeuroCredit score. Can you imagine that!”

Zhao blinked in surprise.

“What a degenerate!” Zhao’s boss continued. “What a lazy immoral pig, pretending to be a good citizen while the rest of us work hard for our NeuroCredit scores. He must have been dreaming about those damn foreigners, who never work and get fed anyway. Don’t you agree?”

Zhao smiled. “Of course. People like that are nothing but trash.”

Zhao felt no sympathy for Zhang.

He had his NeuroCredit score to think about, after all.

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